DVD Production Notes For Beneath A Tranquil Sea


Beneath A Tranquil Sea was mastered, plated, and duplicated in a state-of-the-art DVD duplication facility, one of the largest such plants in the world.


During duplication, each DVD is pressed from a glass master disk using the same process that major studios use for duplication, and the same stringent quality controls are applied to each disk. This insures that each disk will play correctly in all modern DVD players.


DVDs are presented in a standard, poly-wrapped Amaray DVD case with full color cover printing and three color on-disc printing. A registered UPC bar code is printed on the cover for easy inventory. Preview the cover art here (requires Adobe Acrobat).


Due to the very high detail in nature photography, video compression for this DVD is at a much higher grade than is used in most commercial productions. The soundtrack is encoded in CD quality Dolby™ digital stereo.


There is also extra DVD-ROM content on the disk, viewable in any computer equipped with a DVD drive. The extra material includes a free computer screen saver, a table of useful links to information on the diving and marine biology of the Pacific Northwest, a detailed document on the subjects seen on the DVD including cross-references to two popular identification guidebooks, and a free, fully licensed installer for Adobe Acrobat.



Runtime: 43 minutes

Format: NTSC DVD Video (US, Japan)

Region Code: none (playable worldwide)

Interactive: Yes


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