Introducing "Beneath A Tranquil Sea", the first ever DVD to capture the underwater world of the

Pacific Northwest in all of its beauty and diversity! Six years in the making, Beneath A Tranquil

Sea was filmed in the chilly waters of the Pacific Northwest, from Oregon and Puget Sound to

Vancouver Island, British Columbia. In order to capture footage of the wide variety of creatures

portrayed, award winning photographer Ray Izumi dove at many locations around the Northwest,

and in every type of weather.

Beneath A Tranquil Sea is the perfect introduction to the marvelous diversity of life found in the

cold waters of the Pacific Northwest, from tiny nudibranchs to huge six gill sharks. Filmed and edited

entirely in broadcast quality digital video format, the footage shows the underwater world in a startling

color and clarity that will delight even the most experienced diver (even couch divers)!

But Beneath A Tranquil Sea is not just for divers. Both divers and naturalists seeking a deeper

knowledge of the biology of these waters can turn on DVD subtitles to see both the common and

scientific names of each subject (in stream 1), or the actual location where the footage was filmed

(in stream 2). Many of the 103 species portrayed are seen on screen for the first time.

As an added bonus, this DVD includes the video Down and Dirty, Grand Prize Winner of the 2001

EPIC International Photo Contest, a colorful introduction to the world of tropical muck diving. A

second bonus, You Decide, was filmed in the Philippines, and can be found on the DVD as an

"Easter Egg" (It's not too hard to find. Hint: go to wrecks and take a left).


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quality of the DVD is much higher resolution and is true broadcast quality.

NOTE 2: The moving logo seen in the demo does not appear in the actual product.

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This advertisement appears in Northwest Dive News, Dec. 2005 - Feb. 2006.

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